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Claim: Calatrava's Transit Center 'Soars' Nowhere

While we await this morning's unveiling of new plans for the World Trade Center Cultural Center (you know, Snøhetta's thing), let's bask in the shadow of architectural misanthrope Miss Representation, who pokes a pin in the one part of the WTC project that hasn't yet gone to shit: Santiago Calatrava's WTC transit center:

In many ways, this project is the canary in the coal mine, indicative of how the Port Authority really does operate: with an aristocratic mien, and one that favors the unilateral presumption of expertise, even when presented with obviously contrary information. There is little critical opposition to this project, in part because very little can stop it, and because the 'glory' of Calatrava?s gesture is being used to paper over possible complaint regarding the lack of vision in design from the PANYNJ over the past four decades. It's amazing what you can get away with when you append 'soaring' to your story.What a soaring takedown! (Huh, that totally is kind of fun.)
· I don't see how 'roof of bones' won't be the inevitable epithet [Miss Representation via, who found the awesome crown roast above]
· WTC Cultural Center Design To Be Unveiled Today [NY1]