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CSI: Gramercy Park

Gramercy Park, last seen threatening keyholders and trespassers alike with falling timber, now is a crime scene. On Monday, the remnants of four bodies were found in the park. The victims: an Ohio buckeye, a London plane, a horse chestnut and a Norway maple. Yes, the problem trees have been murdered, and the sap is on the trustees' hands! It's the park's first arborcide in 11 years, when up to a sozen trees were massacred.

And if you think this is the only scandal lurking within the iron gates, think again. The president of the park-facing National Arts Club told the Times that squirrels?confused and distraught over the lack of lumber?have resorted to gnawing on the windowsills of his building, and said of a trustee: "And look at those $9,000 birdhouses she put up. The holes are so small, no bird ever goes in there." Everybody strap on their riot gear, this is going to get ugly! Or settled over tea.
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