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Fifth Avenue Townhouse: Suddenly $45 Mil

In his roundup of on-the-market properties that?when sold?could wipe Rupert Murdoch's still drying name from the real estate record books, the Observer's Michael Calderone includes a very important update on a previous Curbed topic: the townhouse at 926 Fifth Avenue. When we made mention of the place a couple months ago, we just knew the $23.8 million price tag was a value too good to be true. Indeed it was. The new price? $45 million. Turns out the bargain-basement original offer had an interesting stipulation. Calderone notes, "For close to $24 million, the buyer would only receive a 49-year leasehold. After a half-century, the gargantuan residence would fall back into the hands of the estate of the owners, a wealthy European family, according to source with knowledge of the listing."

Okay, it needs to be asked: Who will print up the obligatory "I Paid $24M for this Fifth Ave. Townhouse and All I Got was this Lousy Half Century and Some Homeless Heirs" T-shirts? Anybody? Anybody? Anyhoo, fork over the full $45 million and call the place your special little guy forever.
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