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City Duped on East Village Giant?

Back in October we alerted you to some trouble brewing at 81 East Third St., where a 13-story half-dorm/half-residential building was being erected next door to Hell's Angels HQ and stood poised to tower over the neighborhood. Sure enough, a Curbed reader alleges some foul play:

I had heard that zoning regulations in the area prevented buildings from being taller than 6 stories, so I wasn't sure what was up.

Lo and behold, a protest/rally was staged last Tuesday to fight the new 13-story monstrosity. Apparently, the contractors duped the city into thinking this was a dormitory (which apparently is exempt from regular zoning laws?), but they were never actually associated
with a specific university. Now, a group of concerned (pissed) residents want the additional 7 stories torn down...let's hope it happens.

If those stories do come tumbling down, please?for the sake of the safety of everyone involved?just watch out for those bikes!

UPDATE: Those eager to storm the gates should probably hold off for now, lest you be assaulted by a bunch of law-talkin' types. A reader writes, "the proposed building is a dormitory for new york law school. i know because i am a student there and have seen the plans. the reason why the building is not associated with any university is because new york law school itself is not associated with any university(but it is accredited law school nonetheless having been in new york for over a century). so yes the building isn't associated with any university, but it is indeed associated with a law school so the contractors weren't necessarily being dishonest in presenting it as a dorm."
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