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Foer Backlash Crests in Park Slope

The inevitable Jonathan-Safran Foer-and-Nicole-Krauss are-ruining-Park-Slope piece has finally landed ? and it's not pretty. News of the lit couple's purchase of a $6.75 million brownstone is inspiring jealousy, envy, and some good-old-fashioned nastiness among area writers and real estate observers, according to the Sun's Meghan Clyne. A sample: "I'm going to be checking Craig list to see if he's looking for 200 roommates to cover the mortgage in two years," says Amy Keyishian. No word on what JSF thought of Keyishian's recent piece for

Upon digesting the wide array of zings and barbs, one Curbed reader concluded that the piece "was so mean that I felt bad for the guy." More meta-commentary, before and after, at Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn.
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