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Red Hook Ikea Update: Inspector Misrepresentation?

Almost four months after the discovery that Ikea-hired contractors risked spraying asbestos into the air while knocking down Civil War-era buildings along Beard Street in Red Hook, the inspector who originally approved the demolition plans is being charged for understating the asbestos risks. Reports Brooklyn Papers,

The city Department of Environmental Protection charges that Thomas Parisi, who was licensed by the agency to perform asbestos investigations, misrepresented the quantity and nature of asbestos on the site. Parisi's certification led to the issuance of a building demolition permit. Says one conspiracy-minded observer, "I think, maybe, [Parisi] was offered money." Not only that, but a recent visit to Parisi's kitchen found it oddly?modularized. Hmmmm. (Note to the many nervous lawyers in our audience: those last two lines are a joke.)
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