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Bouncers Have Feelings, Too

Ever had your face mashed into the sidewalk by an angry bouncer, only to return home and think to yourself, "Gee, I really wish I knew more about that guy's sensitive side?" Then fear not, suddenly-toothless nightlife maven, for out of the ether comes Clublife?an anonymous blog penned by a New York bouncer on everything from run-ins with the mob to how to scam patrons for tips to what it feels like to get stabbed with a box-cutter. A recent post analyzes the outer-boroughs' somewhat-lacking clientele:

Downtown Brooklyn has become serviceable over the past few years, but only if you live there. If you don't, it's an ordeal that's rarely worth the time spent trying to find parking. Where else? The Guido-infested swamps of Jersey? LONG ISLAND? Please. If you're not in Manhattan, you're dealing with locals, and here in New York, that inevitably entails rubbing elbows -- and God knows what else -- with the Guido populace.Some more Guido rants?okay, a lot more Guido rants, are available at your leisure.
· Clublife [via Catherine's Pita]