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How Goldman Sachs Exploded Freedom Tower Plans

And all of a sudden, the story was there, high above the fold on A1 of the Sunday NYT, the revelation long muttered but never screamed?that, yes, the Freedom Tower is ridiculously screwed. The recently-reported police concerns have indeed sent architect David Childs back to the drawing board, where he'll reconsider both the Freedom Tower's location at the northwest corner of the site and its distance from West Street. Figure delays of months to?yes?a year. But why now, and why so far into the process? Reports the NYT,

The talks came to a head at a one point several weeks ago when the parties met with officials of the Wall Street firm Goldman Sachs to discuss its proposed 40-story headquarters, just to the northwest of the Freedom Tower. Stunning many in the room, Goldman representatives showed a film of a vehicle, packed with more than 10,000 pounds of explosive material, blowing up and leaving a huge crater. While some participants viewed the film as an insensitive move by Goldman, it also prompted discussion about the amount of explosives that the buildings would be protected against. At that moment, the talks began moving toward clearer standards for "hardening" buildings to blasts.With all the unpredictability, it's nice to know that some things are constant: "Mr. Libeskind played down the significance of the redesign, which will be done by Mr. Childs." Yep, rezoning, resizing, reconstituting, rehyping?no biggie!
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