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It Happened One Weekend: Plaza Closes, Riverdale Poses

1) The $50 million Duke Semans house, aka "the finest residence ever to come on the market in New York," is suddenly off the market. [Braden Keil/Gimme Shelter]
2) A broker's tactics for finding a place to buy for herself: Craigslist, lampposts. [Joyce Cohen/The Hunt]
3) Plaza Hotel closes for its two-year renovation and condo makeover. Last guest checks out, calls for world peace. [NYDailyNews]
4) Life beyond the MTA's evil clutches: cheaper! Plus, is the Bronx's Co-Op City compound the best bargain in town? [NYPost]
5) Fill in the blank: "But, more urgently, the accelerating pace of construction, particularly for tall apartment buildings, concerns some residents of _________ who fear the loss of something special." Williamsburg? Nope. Try ... Riverdale! [NYTimes]
6) Some washed-up hippies once said, "Whatever you do, take care of your shoes." New Yorkers apparently failed to heed the warning, as the shoe stores along West 8th St. are going the way of the Plaza Hotel. [C. J. Hughes/Square Feet]