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Celebrity Real Estate Wrap: Blaine's Magic Act

1) Sorcerer/box enthusiast David Blaine has a little more space to work with after snatching up a 4,000-square-foot loft in Tribeca for a bit over $2 million, Braden Keil reports. His broker at Elliman is Raphael De Niro, the oldest son of a guy who knows a thing or two about the neighborhood. [NYPost]
2) Billionaire hedge fund manager and art collecter Steven A. Cohen agrees to buy two half-floor units at Cult of One member One Beacon Court, and he will combine the two to form a duplex. Cohen will pay $24 million for the apartments, and if you think that's a lot, the Times' William Neuman cautions you not to fret: Cohen recently paid more than twice that for a Jackson Pollock. [NYTimes]
3) Speaking of art, Peter Max is taking up the majority of parking spaces in a Prospect Heights garage to house his neglected collection of vintage corvettes. Condo residents are kind of ticked. [NYMag]