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Curbed Readers Write: Clocks, Fences & The Best Ever

1) Regarding the assertion that aging hippies could hurdle their way into the newly fenced Washington Square Park, a reader writes, "The fence at WSP will be higher than 4 feet. It will be sitting on an 8-10 inch concrete footing bringing it to just under 5 feet. Just thought I?d share.
2) As to the assertion that the Duke-Semans house is "simply the finest residence ever to come on the market in New York," blogger/scholar John Massengale writes, "You can't let them get away with that. Better places have sold recently. It also requires some research -- did the Otto Kahn mansion sell? The Duke mansion that's now the Institute of Fine Arts? The Baker House on Park? Etc." Research!? We nominate John Massengale!
3) "New Yorkers who believe that Olympic boosters ruined or 'sold out' Metronome should be reminded that nobody ever really liked it anyway! Muschamp referred to it as a 'pretentious . . .blast of nothing. . . glued to the façade of a big, boring building.' The Times went on to offer a whole City Voices column to people bitching about the thing. The Village Voice called it the Best Reason to Hate Ugly Public Art. New York Magazine called it 'tacky' and 'confusing.'"
4) "I'm sure I'm not the first one writing this but it really needs to be mentioned that Scarano is *not* a developer. The last architecture firm I heard of developing their own stuff was SHoP (Porter House)." Okay, how about "developer's architect?"
5) (last minute entry!) "Do you think you can post open houses for apts ? I mean, I know you're skewing 'upscale' and all to get those beaucoup advertising dollars, but how about something in the $700,000 to $800,000 range for us poor slobs?" Hmm. Apartments for