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We Prefer Our Apartments 'Lardier Than an Oreo'

An astute reader has picked up on a new catch phrase making the rounds in Elliman listings. To wit:

425 Fifth Avenue, Apt 47AB: A Spectucular - One of a Kind- 5th Avenue - Home in the Sky. This gracious 2 Bedroom 2.5 Bath has all the bells & whistles...Picture Perfect Postcard Views & And a Huge Master Bedroom. Great Closets. * Mintier than a Girl Scout Cookie! Must See!

43 West 21st Street, Apt 3FL: More Soul than James Brown! This texture filled - mintier than a Girl Scout Cookie floor thru condo, breaths history, warmth and life.

Whoa. Weirdest product placement ever. Wonder if the Godfather is getting some of this action. (P.S. Anybody want to chip in for a spellchecker for Elliman HQ? Would be totally spectucular.)