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Rumblings and Bumblings: A Sorry Lot

[Sad, sad performance this week. We blame the spring weather ? but mostly ourselves. Perhaps we haven't stressed enough how much we value your contributions. Yours are the missives that have us leaping out of bed in the wee wee hours to check our email. They sustain us. They give us joy. And they make our jobs a whole lot fucking easier. So let's get to it, people. Answers! Curbed needs your answers! The world needs your answers! As always, to]

The sum of this weak's responses (sorry, week) are as follows:
3) Gramercy: "my buddy Julie Satow wrote an article for the Sun about a year and a half ago about the situation with that building..." Ah, perhaps that's true. According to a Google search, Julie did mention an Associated in Greenwich Village in late '04, so we know she's aware of the supermarket chain. And if the Sun wasn't so stingy with its archives, maybe we'd know if she made it uptown.
4) Atlantic Ave: A reader kindly emails these ownership details for two of the plots in question: "Re: 457 Atlantic, owned by 457-467 ATLANTIC LLC which is registered to: VAN BRODY, 456 7TH AVENUE, BROOKLYN, NEW YORK, 11215. Re: 52 3rd Ave, owned by: THIRD & ATLANTIC REAL, C/O TIME PLAZA DEVELOPMENT, 562 STATE ST, BROOKLYN NY 11217-1916, which is registered to: Foremost Contracting, LLC, 2390 McDonald Avenue, Brooklyn." Thanks for playing.

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