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Curbed Contest: How Would You Tag Tompkins Square Park?

By God and all that is holy, you can have your freakin' name engraved in the walkway of Tompkins Square Park for all eternity! Or anything else that is under 70 characters and deemed worthy! In these troubled times of oft-maligned public park remodeling plans, it's good to see something come along that is so ridiculously awesome that it prompts our bowties to begin spinning uncontrollably.

The Villager reports on this "Make Your Mark in the Park" project, the brainchild of the East Village Parks Conservancy to raise money for a Tompkins Square endowment. The price of one hexagonal granite block is a reasonable $250, and the first 24 are being installed this weekend. It's already turning into an East Village Walk of Fame of sorts, with actor/comedian/soft-talker John Leguizamo buying two stones and another serving as a shout-out to former Avenue B resident Charlie Parker.

Needless to say, this whole thing is ripe with potential. There are 60,000 available canvases, and since Fridays are the days we usually mix the wax sealant into our Maker's Mark, perhaps it's time to get a little crazy. Readers, we put the call out to you: What would you permanently engrave in the floor of Tompkins Square Park? A message to future East Village residents? Some words about the park's storied past? Milk and Honey's phone number? Email us at by Monday at noon, and not only will we print the best answers, but as part of Curbed's celebration of our upcoming one-year anniversary, we'll pay for the winning entry to be engraved. It's insanity! You have to play by the official rules, so keep it under 70 characters and inoffensive enough to pass through the confirmation process.
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