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No Sleep 'Til Brooklyn, or Else

Readers, take note of these official Curbed Words of Advice. Perhaps you should begin carrying around some personal identification at all times, lest you be arrested on the subway in a round-up of homeless people. A "Postcard from the Slope" on Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn chronicles the tale of a personal trainer who went through just that. She fell asleep on the F-train at 3 a.m. between the Broadway/Lafayette and Second Avenue stops while on her way home to Park Slope. Roused awake by a transit officer who demanded to see a photo ID, our Slopian could not provide one, so it was off to the pokey for the night?despite citing a personal history filled with law abiding behavior and early tax payments. She was shaken up by the experience, but it's important to look at the bright side: free lodging in Manhattan is only a nap away.

UPDATE: The inmate writes, "I just wanted to clarify that I wasn't asleep. I was riding home after a show that I host with my comedy partner, Jonny (AKA the Erzsi and Jonny Show). I was awake, sober, fully aware, and peacefully watching out to make sure I was safe." Next time, watch out for your own safety with your feet down!
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