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Soho's The Wall: Going, Going... Uh, Already Gone

Looks like curtains for The Wall, the iconic sculpture that clung to the side of the building on the southwest corner of Houston and Broadway for the better part of three decades. The judge ruled in the long-simmering case that the building owners do not own the artwork, and thus the city cannot force them to maintain it. Downtown Express spoke to The Wall's creator about its apparent downfall:

Calling the decision "thoroughly depressing," The Wall's artist, Forrest "Frosty" Myers, was most disappointed by the judge?s reading of his artwork. "Frankly, I don't think [Judge Batts] understood the artwork and why so many people were fighting for it," he said. "I have a feeling it just baffled her." Myers estimates his artwork is now worth in the neighborhood of $12 million.Any takers?
· Judge's Roadblock to 'Wall' Return [Downtown Express]