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Contest Reminder: We're Your Stepping Stone

Quick reminder, kiddies. The First Annual Curbed Put Your Mark on Tompkins Square Park Contest and Clam Bake (catchy, right?) will wrap up today, but with the all-too-familiar knowledge that the weekend hangover usually doesn't recede until about 3 p.m., we're extending the submission deadline by five hours! You now have until 5 p.m. today to e-mail your message?70 characters or less and light on the risqué material?to We're looking for the statement that best deserves to be permanently engraved in the walkway of the East Village's fabulous Tompkins Square Park. We're even paying the $250 fee to get the winner installed! It's our first anniversary and we've gone insane! We've received some great submissions so far, but keep 'em coming! We feed on vitriol!
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