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It Happened One Weekend: Hipster Dread, Shvo's New Spread

1) Post weighs-in on former development du jour 154 Attorney St. We said: "Snazzy touches include six rooftop cabanas ('private roof spaces that someone can buy who lives on a lower floor but who wants some roof'), and two massive, 4BR penthouses with all the fixings." They said: "If you're not into sloppy-drunk indie-rockers fighting with their girlfriends outside Pianos, 154 Attorney might offer a welcome respite." [NYPost]
2) Schvo sighting! Err, Shvo sighting! Shilling for some condo-hotel at ... oh, who fucking cares. Shvo! Shvo! Shvo! [NYTimes]
3) Five first-time buyers tell all about the experience, one for each borough. Includes the most backhanded Williamsburg compliment of all time, courtesy of a Harvard grad/young author: "Williamsburg is as ethnically diverse as Toronto, where I grew up, so I felt comfortable here." [NYPost]
4) Harvard grad/young author sets out to buy a Manhattan apartment, near Midtown, for under $300,000. In a week. Did she succeed? C'mon now, is the pope Catholic? Is Toronto ethnically diverse? [Joyce Cohen/The Hunt]
5) History of the Hippodrome Building (currently getting a new skin) in Midtown: Martians, elephants, civil war battles. [Christopher Gray/Streetscapes]