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Rumblings and Bumblings: The Other Side of Orchard

[These are good questions! Got more? Or better yet, an answer? Text and photos to Responses on Thursday.]
1) Lower East Side: "Okay, there' s the hotel from hell going up, but what is happening on the other side of Orchard (pictured above)? Cabanas?"
2) Upper West Side: "I live on 70th and west end ave. in manhattan. There use to be an AP supermarket on the opposite corner. They have since closed the whole block. I know Tyshman owns the land. What are the plans for this site? Condo or rentals?"
3) East Village: "st. mark's between 2nd and 1st avenues: there's a 'building' mid-block that for many years has consisted of nothing but the barest bones, just the massive steel girders rising from a pit. every once in a while i see several people working on the site, and rarer still i see the occasional addition of another large girder. still, at this rate, it looks like they're rising slower than one floor per year. what's going on? who's doing this? what will become of it all?"
4) Downtown Brooklyn: Do you guys know what's going on with that block on Fulton street where the BAM theatre is? (Not the main BAM, the smaller one). I used to go to House parties at the Bar 667 (since changed to Livre Lounge or something). Now the whole block is deserted except that storefront church. I heard they are going to bulldoze the whole block (sans BAM and B-CAT, I assume) for high-rise condos along with the parking lot across the street. Can you confirm this?
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