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Trends in Nouveau Tipping: 'We Round Up'

Blogger A Brooklyn Life, trespassing on the Lower East Side, returns with alarming news from new tapasery The Stanton Social:

I get two $10 drinks and the bill comes, which I pay with my credit card. After signing, I notice the bill is for $22. I ask the bartender why $22? He says "that's for tax." Now, I know tax is 8.625 percent, so I say, "That's not the right about of tax." And he says "That's just how we do it here. We round up." Round UP? The most laughable thing I've ever heard. So I call the manager today, explain my problem. He says that yes, they do indeed round up on tax. I very politely insist that's not right. And he says if I want to come down to collect the difference, he'll give it to me (which is admittedly only 28 cents, but over time and many customers, that could be a lot of money). I say, no, I want it put back on my credit card. And I politely tell him again it doesn't seem right to overcharge everyone. He tells me that's my problem and then HANGS UP on me!The Lower East Side: Taste the Attitude!
· Stanton Social Club Fiasco [A Brooklyn Life]