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Tompkins Square Park Contest Results!

We put out the call, and you answered in droves. Monkeys! Ha, we kid, we kid. But seriously, thanks to everyone who responded to Curbed's Tompkins Square Park contest, wherein we asked for messages of 70 characters or less that would be trés appropriate for one of those up-for-sale granite pavers. There was much knee-slapping as we sorted through all the submissions, and to show our appreciation we're footing the $250 bill for the winner's message to be engraved and installed. Blog business is booming, baby!

Select entries?and the big winner, of course?unveiled after the jump.

The also-rans:

· Is this Alphaville, Alphabet City, or E.Village? Email

· FS: EVill Studio, .456 sq ft, grt light, outdr spce! $400k, Corcoran

· *What Gentrification Hath Wrought*

· Abbie Hoffman: We miss you!

· "Good For One Fare" printed in a circle. (If they can punch a hole in the center, all the better.)

· If you remember the 1980s, you didn't really live in Tompkins Sq. Park

· The only property I can afford to own in this city is this brick.

· Chloe Sevigny slept here

· The East Village, also known as Little Ukraine

· This engraving is much funnier than the six next to it.

· Hamster apartment for rent: inquire within.

· Official cardboard housing site

· HUGE 1-BR stone. Tompkins Sq Park view on 6 sides Will subdiv No pets

· Tompkins Square: Site of a massacre on January 13, 1874. History happens.

· Your dog shat here.

· Wouldn't it be nice
if a subway line
ran up Avenue B?

· I won an online contest and all I got was this lousy brick.

And the winner, submitted by Oren Uziel (who preyed upon our weakness for haiku):

Asking Two-Fifty
Park Block, Granite Everything
Hurry This Won't Last!

Again, thanks to everyone who participated. The Park's next scheduled installation of the stones is in September, so we'll keep you updated on if we make the cut.