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Complaining About Complaining About Parks

There's been a lot of kvetching about Manhattan's parks lately, with everyone up in arms over Great Lawns and fountains and four-foot-high (or is it five?) iron fences. But get this: according to Newsday, activists in other boroughs want gates and curfews and regulations. Et tu, Jackson Heights?

Still, many neighborhood activists and park volunteers would be pleased to see their worn chain-link fences replaced by an iron gate that could be locked at night -- an aspect of Washington Square's planned remodeling that was shelved because of public outcry.

And they'd love to have a fountain to move, like Washington Square's, or a pristine greensward to protect from large-scale events, like Central Park's Great Lawn -- another flashpoint in the long tug-of-war over citizen access to large public spaces

Oh, and about those Wasington Square Park complaints? Blogger Miss Representation did the unthinkable and actually went to the park to visualize the changes. The verdict? Thumbs up for the fountain move and realignment, thumbs down for the fence. He uses much bigger words, though.
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