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Brooklyn Development Update: Log Cabin Out, Meier In

That sound you hear in Brooklyn? Rampant, crazed developers running up against neighborhood residents who fear for the scope of their lives. Opines Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn,

Brooklyn is having a moment the likes of which I haven't seen since I moved here in 1991. All of a sudden it's the it-borough: Manhattan is expanding eastward and the land grab of 2005 is a veritible gold rush... The silver lining of what's going on is that people are actually talking about urban design and planning. Architecture is on everyone's lips. People are devising alternate plans, getting organized, and making themselves heard. They are quoting Jane Jacobs and other great urbanists. The discussion is sometimes angry and intense. But democracies are often messy and loud.Huh. Who knew? Oh, and that photo above? Notes OTBKB, "The log cabin playhouse in Hugh Crawford's Daily Pix is in the pre-school playground in the lot next to Union Temple. That lot will soon make way for Richard Meier's luxury glass high rise."
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