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Noho-Cuban Style Comes to Ft. Greene, on Sunny Days Only

Blogger Set Speed has been all over the opening of Habana Outpost in Fort Greene?the solar-powered seasonal restaurant/market/cultural center brought to you by the folks behind Nolita's forever-busy Cafe Habana. Sure, there are pictures of the truck-turned-bar and caged-in opening festivities, but we want the dirt! Oblige us! On the potential clientele: "Oh, on the menu, Brooklyn Lager drafts are only $2.50. This will surely bring in the boho hipsters who don't have deep pockets, unlike some of those Wall St. suits who are gentrifying the nabe."

Not bad. How about something speculative on, say, the lot owner's finances?

It also looks like the owner of the corner lot is staying true to his roots and having carwashes and selling clothing from up-and-coming designers. For those who recall, the lot was used this same way last summer. Lately though, it seems like the owner was making some extra money by renting out the lot as a personal parking lot of sorts to some people in the neighborhood. Whatever the case, he must be doing pretty well, as I saw a late model Range Rover parked in there this morning.Now we're talkin'!
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