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Curbed Update: 1 And Counting

Was it really 365 days ago that we wrote in this space, "Hello. Welcome to Curbed, a new weblog that's based on the idea that everything in New York City comes back to real estate, rent and the neighborhoods we live in." If the Julian calendar system is to be trusted, the answer is clear: probably!

It's been a crazy, fun year. In that time, the Curbed team has grown to include Josh and Joey on the editorial side, along with our new friends at The Gutter. In the weeks ahead, we'll be launching several more new blogs, as well as continuing to broaden our explorations of NYC's neighborhoods in this space. But, as we said last May 24, "To do it right, we need you." Reader tips are the lifeblood of Curbed, and we ask you to keep the property gossip, neighborhood tidbits, and general good cheer coming: (Together, we can defeat the housing bubble!)

Later today, we'll be announcing the winner of the Tompkins Square Park tagging contest—and announcing our gala First Anniversary Contest. All that and more as year two at Curbed gets rolling. Stay tuned.