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Whole Foods Can No Longer Wine and Dine

Late last night we received this bit of electronic correspondence: "What happened to the Wine Store in the Columbus Circle Whole Foods? It looked boarded up and empty tonight."

And before we could even set out to do the necessary research (snicker), the Times' patented "reporting" steps in and immediately digs up the answer to the mystery. Turns out state law requires wine and liquor stores to not sell food and have a separate entrance at street level, meaning Whole Foods' basement wine room?tucked away by the cash registers?was technically illegal. The chain plans on using the liquor license for a separate wine store that will be operated in connection with the new Whole Foods at Avalon Chrystie Place. The questions don't end there, however; there are potentially far more serious repercussions. When Trader Joe's unpacks its duffles in Union Square, does this mean no meet-and-greet with Charles? Again, research is so not our thing.
· Whole Foods's Wine Shop Closes at Columbus Circle [NYTimes]