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Gold Strike! Christopher St. Studio Feedback

Looks like our mention of a certain 600-square-foot (or not) studio that may or may not be home to buried pirate treasure, the Holy Grail, Bigfoot and the bubble's pop date really touched a nerve. One of many responses from irate Curbed readers:

Ok, here's the math on this studio. They give two dimensions of rooms. The living room is 310 square feet. The kitchen 50 sf. That's 360 so far. The question is, does the sleeping alcove, closets and bathroom make up 240 (or almost HALF the size of the supposed 600 sf?). Oh wait, I forgot, this isnt in S.F., this is in B.S.F. (broker's square feet, a.k.a. bullshit square feet): There is a 30% broker's factor in the total square feet, giving you 600 square feet! Amazing!

More cheer after the jump. · Even more bizarre than the price is that three agents are assigned to this listings. I mean, yea, its a condo, it has a fireplace,,, wow. But THREE AGENTS! Is this a sign that agents are getting desperate and need to share a small listing like this... another sign for the BubbleWatch??

· Looks like Elliman is pulling a SHVO with this unit (saying it is larger than what it really is and claiming more rooms than there are legally in the unit). At 585 sq ft that's $1359 per sq ft.... indeed it must be gold plated!

Per the offering plan of the building (Schedule C) the unit is 585 sq ft (not 600) and it consists of 2 rooms with 1 bath (not 3 rooms, 1 bedroom and 1 bath). Nice try Abigail, Andrew and Yuval! Why don't you guys put up 5 more walls and call it a fucking classic 6 !

· I beg for forgiveness that I am a renter and not a buyer but this studio doesn't seem all that expensive as compared to the remarkably spacious studio listed on ArdorNY.

Unlike this one, the studio from elliman has a closet and a BATHROOM. Also the ceiling below the sleep "loft" looks to be about 6 feet high. If not dipped in gold maybe this place comes with a free iPod. Those things are pretty sweet, people'll put up with anything for one of those.
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