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Manhattan Real Estate: Rock It Out

Curbed's one year anniversary would not be complete without a theme song penned by Andrew Krucoff:

(sing to the tune of "It's the End of Rent Stabilization As We Know It (And I Feel Fucked))

Broker fees, no-fee apt lists, Craigslist, nightmare stories of finding a place to live and staying on friends' couches, all-encompassing bad roommate situations (deserves its own list), six story walk-ups, the luxury of an elevator and maybe a doorman, converted 1-2-3 bdrms for 2-3-4 or more people, looking at a fuse box that pre-dates the Statute of Electricity, experiments in dry wall and shelving, broken toilets, showering at the gym during week long hot water boiler repairs, clumps of ceiling that fall due to bathroom leaks from apt above, floors with the topography of a golf course, lazy or nowhere-to-be-found supers, taking landlords to court...

We're gonna cut it short there. Anyone else getting a little teary?
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