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MTA, Always a Flirt, Wants More Suitors in Brooklyn

The Jets and Nets, so close in name, could also soon be close in circus-like MTA land auctions. The Post reports that Team Ratner will have to go through a competitive bidding process for the air rights to the MTA's Atlantic Avenue rail yards, just like the Jets had to in order to get their hands on the MTA's West Side rail yards (stadium vote delayed again, by the way). All bids are due by July 6, and this whole situation needs at least one more crazy rich guy (busy, James?) if we're to hope for some entertainment.

Meanwhile, Forest City Ratner doesn't seem to be too worried about other bidders, as they've brought in arena veteran Michael Hallmark to help develop Frank Gehry's 800,000-square-foot design (above). Confident move, Bruce. You are, as some would say, one big confidence(-filled) man!
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