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A Curbed reader calls bullshit on 45 Christopher St., specifically the 600-square-foot studio located within that's listed at a jaunty $795k. He opines:

What is this studio, dipped in gold? I doubt it -- it's probably worth exponentially more than its square footage in gold. I mean, I know it's a bit bigger than the average studio (although from the floorplan, it appears to be considerably smaller than the stated 600 sq.ft. -- more like 400), but come on. Are they testing the market? Is $800k the new $500k?A half-assed search of Elliman and Corcoran revealed no other studios with similar square-footage near that price, so let's refrain from dubbing $800k the New Black and call this one ... aggressive. Floorplan?for the sole purpose of letting the voices in your head argue over the square-footage?after the jump.

· Listing: 45 Christopher Street [Elliman]