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First Anniversary Contest: 'Hoodwinked!

In our first year of existence, one thing has become abundantly clear: New Yorkers don't need a reason to come up with a catchy nickname for their neck of the woods. In fact, we get so many neighborhood nicknames in our tips box that sometimes we feel like we're stuck in a never-ending Corcoran marketing meeting ? only with smart people. We love your ideas ("SoHoHoHo" Classic!). Really, we do. But we thought that now might be a good time to put this, er, enthusiasm for nabe names on the clock. So, it is with great excitement that we present our first anniversary contest...

Here's How it Works: You email us the specific boundaries, name, and a detailed description of a New York City (all boros welcome) neighborhood of your creation. For example,

Name: HoSex'n
Boundaries: Houston and Stanton, Essex and Clinton

Description: Did you know that the F Train stops at Paradise? Well, it does. Bound by Wylie Dufresne to the east and the Laugh Lounge to the west, with a healthy dose of poverty in between, HoSex'n has something for everyone... (NB: This hypothetical is not indicative of the high level of creativity the contest management expects.) You may rename an existing 'hood (Gramercy -> Blamercy?again, not indicative...), but you are encouraged to create your own. The more detailed the description, the better.
Deadline: We're accepting entries until next Monday, 5/30, at 5pm. Then, we'll reveal the finalists, leading up to a showdown vote by Curbed readers. (Hat tip to the boys at Apartment Therapy for this contest format, which we're blatantly ripping off.)
What's on the Line: A two-night stay at the ultra-luxurious and ultra-gentrifying The Hotel on Rivington, where you can peer out your window and gaze upon the city you have managed to redefine with one simple email. (Complimentary stay to be used before the end of the year by you, a family member, or an out-of-town friend looking for a hot shower. Black-out dates may apply. Cocktail party with blazers not included.) We expect great things from you, dear readers. Please, do not disappoint. Submissions to