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'Hoodwinked Update: Early Returns Are In; Deadline Mon.

It's been 28 hours since we introduced our first anniversary contest, 'Hoodwinked, and the responses are bringing tears to our eyes. Since we feel terrible keeping this trove of real-estate marketing genius to ourselves, we've sent all of your responses to Corcoran, the firm that offered us the most money for mining your creativity. Haha! (Seriously, we'd never do that. Elliman all the way, baby. Drinks on us this weekend.) No, really seriously, in advance of next week's announcement of the finalists, we present a couple of the early leaders for your enjoyment and encouragement:

Name: Red Honk
Boundaries: Epicenter on Coffey Street
Description: A charming enclave within Red Hook. Epicenter on Coffey Street where occupants of charming brick and frame houses are terrified of the increase in traffic that will result from Ikea and Fairway. Not to be confused with or associated with the nearby Red Hook Houses, whose inhabitants might actually welcome $6 per hour jobs.

Name: Georgetown
Boundaries: Between River Avenue and the Harlem River. And wherever good baseball is appreciated.

Keep 'em coming. Entries accepted until Monday @ 5 p.m. A recap of the contest rules here. Remember, the winner gets a two-night stay at The Hotel on Rivington, beacon to LES immigrants since 2003.
· First Anniversary Contest: 'Hoodwinked [Curbed]