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On the Market: The Reservoir

Let's all take a deep breath for a minute. Sure, a zillion dollars is a lot for a Village studio, but on a $-per-sqft basis, we're still talking minor leagues. Take this Fifth Avenue "two-bedroom," which by our very very rough math couldn't be more than 1300 sqft plus a big old terrace. The apartment appears to consist mostly of a view (pictures of view: 4; pictures of apartment: 0), and one of the bedrooms is now "part of living room creating a loft-like space on fabulous Fifth Avenue." If you're not into "loft-like" spaces, you could ask one of your old college roommates to move in and put the wall back up. Or, heck, call 'em both and convert the dining room while you're at it! Asking $4,995,000. Floor plan after the jump.

· Listing: 1080 Fifth Avenue [Stribling]