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Things We Love About Noho (A List)

A Curbed reader emails, "why no comment on the noho piece in the sunday times? anyway why is noho lumped under east village category?" Curbed replies: Ah, Noho. A charming six-block section wedged between the Central Village and East Village, just above Soho and just below the Sculpture for Living. Noho, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways.

1) It's... less classy! Per the NYT: "Sales data from the last year show that the average NoHo loft sold for $1.058 million, $720,000 cheaper than an average SoHo loft, said Mr. Pfeifer of Halstead. SoHo buyers paid about $944 a square foot. NoHo buyers paid $886. The reason? Status." (As in: less of it.)
2) The wild, wacky Noho Neighborhood Association website. Gem quote: "The ONLY new business coming into our neighborhood is Bars and Restaurants -- the Ninth Precinct has even backed our efforts regarding nightlife, traffic and noise because their 311 figures are through the roof."
3) Noho's a fertile haven for crafty developers. As a Curbed reader emails, "There is development on four lots on Bond Street as well as on Lafayette St. Every square inch is being developed with zoning variance for 'hardship'."
4) That awesome water tunnel. No draught here!
5) Il Buco.

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