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Wall Street's Day So Far: Broken Wall, Street

Quite the morning for the Wall Streeters in our midst. First, the politicos announce that they're kicking Lower Manhattan $800 mil to make it all pretty-like, including cobblestone streets around the New York Stock Exchange (creates far better conditions for the brokers' horse-drawn buggies). Then, the Apocalypse hit and the entire area was destroyed ... or something. We'll let a reader handle this one:

For the last few weeks distraught businessmen have been upset because they are ripping apart wall street and in order to get to your offices there is a single file bottle neck from broadway to get onto wall street itself. Then this morning to add insult to injury, a bank on the corner, under construction, had one of their temporary wall's start falling. They completely closed off the entrance to Wall Street and everyone had to walk around the block and down the street and then up the street to get to work.
Surely this is the most significant day in Wall Street's history since September 3, 1929, when something happened that we'll eventually Google. No time for history lessons right now, there's a freaking wall falling! Run!
· $800 Million to Be Spent Downtown [NYTimes]