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Mining Gold Through Real Estate Listings

Yesterday, about a 600-square-foot West Village studio priced at almost $800,000, a reader playfully asked, "What is this studio, dipped in gold?" We had no idea that the question would immediately impact our culture in profound ways. Since then a nice chunk of email has poured into the Curbed offices, suggestions for new entries into the pantheon of "gold-dipped apartments." While the parameters of what makes a place gold-dipped were never set, the submissions seem to lean toward a consensus: studios and junior one-bedrooms that are under 600 square feet and over $700,000.

Two such suggestions are pictured above. On the left, a "loft like alcove" at 143 Avenue B, of which the reader notes:

Here's a lovely "Gold-Dipped" studio in the east village. But this one is "minimalist" - in more ways than one, except of course for the 700k price. Glenn, however, is too smart to actually print the "minimalist" square footage on this one. I'd guess it's roughly 400.Pictured on the right is 299 West 12th St., where the submitter simply asks: "600 sq ft for 800k? how about 525 sq ft for 850k??" Gold rush! After the jump, floorplans for both, one of which is ... well, let's call it drawn up with an "artist's touch."

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