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Coney Island's Future: Flashy, Pink, Anodyne!

Glad tidings at Coney Island to usher you into your holiday weekend, courtesy of our dear friends at The Gutter:

The mandarins of the Van Alen Institute arrived on the Boardwalk to reveal the winner of a hard-fought contest to design a visitor center or some shit at the foot of Brooklyn's Eiffel Tower. With 864 entries from 46 countries, we had our hopes. Hope springs eternal at The Gutter. But, as you can see, the winner is a flashy pink box, derivative yet anodyne, disrespecting the charming crumble of the place, and moreoever peopled by the kind of far borough color that keeps our trips to Coney down to one per year.Happy weekend, kiddles!
· Parachute Winner Drops in Like a Cessna [The Gutter]