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70 Washington Update: Don't Hate. Recalculate!

Stuck around town for the long weekend? Join the fun at 70 Washington in Dumbo, the new condos that created a feeding frenzy last weekend. Seems the Two Trees Management folks are a bit overwhelmed themselves:

"They sold so fast, we haven?t even had time to count the exact number or enter them in the computer. We have piles and piles of signed contracts and checks for the 10 percent deposits that are required." Klein said that her staff of five brokers, each with a runner, had over 150 appointments over the three days. "And we were working off a list that was two-and-a-half years old," she said.A list that was two-and-a-half year old, you say? Perhaps that explains this email from an irate Curbed reader: I had been on the list for that building for like a year, got an email last month saying they would launch, but then no word at all. Then I walked by the building on sunday and saw people inside so I called to complain and they said "sorry, we didn't use the email list". So there's A LOT of people really pissed.Ain't no time to hate, folks: while you sent us that angry email, prices just jumped 10%. (No, really: they did.)
· 70 Washington Sold 140 Units Last Weekend [Set Speed]
· Frenzy at Dumbo's 70 Washington Lofts [Curbed] UPDATE: A Curbed reader emails, "I think they did use the e-mail list, but they're sending out e-mails in batches, depending on where you are on the list. A co-worker got her e-mail notification on Sunday, while mine came on Wednesday."