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'Hoodwinked Update: Remember the Neighborhoods

How about a couple more 'Hoodwinked entries to keep you thinking neighborhood thoughts this lovely holiday weekend? Remember, you've got until Monday to submit your own nabe and earn a chance to stay free at the finest hotel on all of Rivington St.

Name: FLATenD
Boundaries: Starting at the the intersection of Flatbush and Atlantic, ending at Dean.
Description: Site of Ratner's arena. Populated by scrappy contrarians and stubborn hotties who believe that developers can go to hell. Where they can block all the light in hell. Block all the light from the flickering flames of hell. Name: UNEasy
Boundaries: 3rd Ave to East River, 42nd St to 48th St., Manhattan (some may call it "Turtle Bay")
Description: Anyone who has worked or lived in UNEasy knows that the U.N. East Side is just a general pain in the ass. When the U.N. is in session (or the President decides to stop by), all streets are blocked off to traffic. The major architectual structure in the area is one of the Trump Monoliths designed by his pet Greek architect. Apartment buildings in the neighbor hood look out into office buildings. The best part of the view used to be the Pepsi-Cola sign, which was moved south to make way for the Queens West Olympic Village / Apartment buildings which they are beginning construction on now (open house next week.)

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