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Park Slope Neighborhood Report: Wake Me on Monday

Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn (seriously, it's true) has some tips for avoiding the swelling weekend crowds (20somethings who brunch, dads who stroller, etc.) in Park Slope. A sampling:

· The Park Slope Food Coop is helaciously crowded; a must to avoid.
· I don't go near the Second Street Cafe for weekend brunch; it's been the only game in town for so long and there's always a big crowd outside.
· Little Things is a nightmare zone of stroller gridlock and cranky birthday gift buying parents on a long cashier line.
· Going out to dinner on a Friday or Saturday night on Fifth Avenue
Ah, the joys of living in the middle of an urban amusement park.
· Postcard from the Slope_Weekend Crowds [OTBKB]