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The Felix Salmon Challenge: Millions Per Acre

Felix Salmon is back to challenge Curbed readers as only he can. Regarding yesterday's news that Warren Buffett is fleecing SoCal house-hunters, he writes,

You think Buffett's place was mad expensive? Remember the Mayflower Hotel (pictured right) selling for $401 million? That lot (the entire block between Central Park West and Broadway, between 61st and 62nd) is about 57,800 square feet -- and they've torn down the hotel, so they certainly weren't paying for that. At 43,560 square feet per acre, I make that more than $300 million per acre, even if you ignore the cost of demolition. Can Curbed readers can come up with even higher prices than that?We know this involves a little more math than the last Salmon challenge, but but we still think you're up to it. Whaddya say? Ruminations and calculations to
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