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Inside The Shadowy World of Chinatown Rentals

Ever tried to rent an apartment in the heart of Chinatown from a Craigslist ad? A friend of blogger This Is 14th Street did, with, um, unfortunate results. Ti14th reports on why young, caucasian hipsters probably won't be colonizing lower Mott Street anytime soon:

That afternoon an hour before the lease was to be signed Leslie got a call from the young man who had posted to ad. He said that Leslie couldn't have the room because the Landlady thought she wouldn't be compatible with the roommate still living there. Shocked, Leslie brought up the obvious point that the land lady "Faye" hadn't even met her. He didn't stay on the phone long enough to explain more than the room wouldn't be going to Leslie and he hung up.

Determined to not let the room slip away Leslie drove to the building and knocked on the door. She called out "Faye!" "Faye!" and finally a lady yelled from behind the door "I'm coming!" The women opened the door and as soon as she saw Leslie, she said "Faye's not here." And shut the door... And that was it. The mystery of Chinatown solved, and somehow?still sort of a mystery.

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