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Vague Rumor: Silverstein Out and Ground Zero?

The Post appears to have a juicy scoop this morning?that Governor Pataki and Mayor Bloomberg are plotting to oust developer Larry Silverstein from the WTC redevelopment project. How will they do that, given that the dude owns the site lease? We'd tell you more, but the Post won't send us the password that's now required to read its online content.

In protest, we turn to the Free Lance Star of Fredericksburg, VA, in which Silverstein says, "They were already making burial plans. But the seventh or eighth day, I came around." Dear old Milt Silverstein?how you gonna stop that pain, Pataki?
· Tower Power Play by Mike and Pataki [NYPost, reg req'd]
· Staying fit, fast makes Silverstein's aches seem minimal [Free Lance Star]

UPDATE: A Curbed reader with access to the Post's rumored "offline" edition writes, "Bloomie and Pataki's strategy turns out to be the old eminent domain play."