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CBGB Update: Fatten Up for the Cause

CBGB?currently rocking on its heels, facing a potential Vegas move and serving as the passing interest of perturbed Goddesses everywhere, is pleading for your support the only way a dingy and gritty Bowery bar that nestled New York's incendiary punk scene can: by asking you to buy chocolate truffles. CBGB has teamed up with Chelsea's Chocolate Bar to cash in on the name one last ti?er, campaign for the club's livelihood?by offering CBGB-branded candy like the Punk Rock Box (pictured): a 16 piece truffle collection that comes complete with a postage-paid petition to save the club ($25). Petitions also come with the Retro Bars ($3), inspired by "those colossal flavors from late-night, post-show snack attacks."

And if the candy crusade fails, well, then it's all up to the pugs. Good luck and Godspeed, little guys!
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