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'Hoodwinked Update: Deadline Extended Until Midnight

Returning from our three day hiatus to another plate full of 'Hoodwinked entries has inspired us to extend the contest deadline until midnight this evening. Plus, it hardly seemed fair to close the books on this contest yesterday when most of you were drunk, sunburned, and full of grilled meat. That means there's still time to craft a neighborhood name so clever that it earns you two nights at The Hotel on Rivington and a special special place in the hearts of unclever brokers near and far. A contest primer here. And another inspiring entry to grease the gears:

Name: WoBro (or, Wo,Bro!)
Boundaries: West of Broadway, between 14th + Houston.

Description: NYU territory, nabe with the highest concentration of the type of kid you thought you were ESCAPING when you moved from your small, midwestern hometown: the greasy frat bro. The unnoficial capitol of Wo,Bro! is Washington Square Park. City Hall is The Lion's Den.Go to it. Later this week, the lucky finalists.
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