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70 Washington Update: Have-Nots Meet Will-Nots

While you escaped the city for Long Island breezes, the Dumbo real estate factory kept charging along. Over the weekend, open house tours at Dumbo's 70 Washington Street condos granted to certain worthy souls. Blogger Set Speed reports on his foray into the building:

Floorplans were laid out over the marble kitchen island and buyers were transacting. Others, like myself, were severely priced out and were left to decide which units below the 7th floor they could afford. Why 7th floor? Well, that's because the parking lot right next to the complex is owned by Watchtower/Jehovah's Witnesses and they are allowed to build up to 7 floors.Others, alas, were not even so lucky. Reports one Curbed reader,So I just called them up to set up an appointment. What an obnoxious and pretentious person on the other line. First thing they ask is if I received an email and what that code is. I tell them I'll have to dig for it but could they tell me if a specific apt. type is available. "No," he says, "we don't give that info over the phone." Huh? We're talking about a seven-figure apt and this guy won't tell me if I should waste my time and visit Dumbo. Terrible.Keep the 70 Washington goods coming, folks (to; we haven't enjoyed a real estate drama this much in days.
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