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Development Du Jour: 85 Adams

The "Design" page of the 85 Adams (aka Beacon Tower) website offers four options: Entry, Lobby, Garden, and ? can you guess it? ? right! Feng Shui! That should give you some idea of the vibe this new dev is going for. Of course, we're not sure if boasting about being the "tallest residential building in DUMBO" is a very Feng Shui thing to do, but what do we know?our bed is facing away from the door.

In any case, Corcoran's got all the listings, which range from $590K to $1.115MM. Earlier in the month, a Curbed tipster suggested that Corky had posted the apartments at one price, taken them down, and then reposted them at about $100 more per sqft. We weren't on the ball fast enough to notice, but we do know that most of the listings are in contract, which probably means that it's hard to price "peace, sanctuary and true urban sophistication" too high.

After the jump, an interior pic and some building amentities.