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On The Joys of Bottle Service

What's it like to be one of those guys?you know, the ones excited about the seven-bottle minimum at premium NYC nightlife spots? The Food Network's What's Hot! What's Cool!* show hits BLVD on the Bowery to find out. Actual words from an actual bottle buyer:

"I think bottle service has become so popular just because everyone wants that VIP treatment."
"My tab, depending on how many people I'm with, can be upwards of three to four thousand."
"The thing I like most about bottle service is how many women come sit at my table ... that's it."
"I almost feel like an underling, chilling at the bar trying to get a drink ... but I get a bottle and I'm good to go!"

"Cheers brother!"For maximum effect, stare at the photo, then read again.
· Message in the Bottle: Don't Be That Guy [Tale of Two Cities] *N.B. Probably Not Hot. Very Likely Not Cool.