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Millions Per Acre: FAR Out!

When we issued the latest Felix Salmon Challenge yesterday (what's the Manhattan property with the largest price tag, in millions per acre?), we expected the responses to include some multiplication and long division. We did not, however, anticipate the lengthy analyses of FAR and zoning regulations and the like. But, hey, you can't spell Challenge without a C! After the jump, the answers, from the simple (the Duke-Semans House!) to the sublime ("You just can't do urban real estate math like that").

NB: Each new paragraph represents a separate response.

It's price per build-able square foot, not the naked lot. The lot was sold according to allowable build able square foot. Or another more generalized formula price per cubic foot... as put by Barbara Sunshine... anyway you do the math it's an outrageous price!

Actually, Salmon's price analysis is misleading, at least conceptually, in my opinion.