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The Chinatown Rules: Pay to Play

More from the downtown blogger denied a chance to live in Chinatown by some combination of racial profiling and insufficient baksheesh:

Although my initial anger at the whole situation has faded, my hatred for the NYC rental market remains. Throughout this whole 3 day ordeal I have met with so many creepy, sleazy characters (like the con artist who I will only know as "Eyal" who tried to scam me earlier in the week. That is a whole other story, but beware of older men with strange, eastern European accents who leave cash deposits and seem unconcerned about your move-out date.
Meantime, at Ti14th, a commenter suggests why the Chinatown apartment rental was denied: "I am a resident of chinatown - you should know that there are 'Tips' and 'move in costs' that should be given to the landlady. If this was not done, no wonder the lady didnt like you."
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